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Bogdan Audio Creations

I’ve heard this room at three shows now. It has sounded better every time.


These little co-axiel speakers sound pretty good. They remind me of the nOrh speakers. $2k


These are a great sounding monitor as wel,l gotta love the ribbon.


Detailed without harshness. Narrow sound stage. Maybe a better set up in this large room would have done them more justice.


Nick Goode wrote:

Bogdan Audio showed off their handmade creations including their top of the line black floorstanders ($36,000) and their two way monitors ($24,000) which used solid cherry cabinets and Raal ribbon tweeters. The owner of Bogdan Audio builds each pair of speakers by hand and is very skilled at his craft. Dire Straits was playing when I visited and the guests that were there seemed quite impressed with the musical quality of the system.


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