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Odyssey Audio with GIK

Odyssey Audio had his Kismet Ref Monitors, Kismet amp, Candela pre and a new Kismet phono pre.  Glenn from GIK did the room treatments.  Corner pillar traps, art panels on the sides and the new Scopus traps in the back.  And to get it just right they removed the plastic light panels on the huge drop florescent light fixture.

Nick Goode’s take:  Klaus (Odyssey) and Bryan (GIK) teamed up together in one of the larger rooms at the show. While I visited I got to listen to the new Odyssey two way monitors powered by Odyssey Stratos stereo amp and Candela preamp. This system sounded good with a huge soundstage and had a big sound. This is no easy feat for a pair of monitors. It was clear that GIK (Bryan) worked some magic in this setup with his room treatments. The Odyssey equipment rack was massive and had impressive build quality just like the rest of the components

Kismet Ref Speaker


Odyssey Audio's new equipment rack


Kismet Gear

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