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Vapor Audio and Morningstar Audio

Vapor Audio and BMC electronics

Vapor Audio's Breeze speaker


I really like these speakers.  Never heard of the electronics but the power meters on the amp looked like an RPM guage in a car.  Kinda cool, but I like meters.   Vapors speakers stands are pretty sweet too.


Nick Goode wrote:  Vapor Audio also had a pair of their Breeze monitors playing with BMC Electronics. These sounded very refined and musical when I had a chance to hear them on Saturday. Sadly I do not have a photo of that combination. Vapor Audio had another couple pairs of speakers that looked very interesting. Innovative speakers on their way from this new company. One to watch for in the future.


Morningstar Audio and Eastern Electric

Vapor Audio Cirrus

Eastern Electric Amp



Eastern Electric Avant Preamp

Nick Goode wrote:  Bill (Morningstar Audio) and Ryan (Vapor Audio) combined in this room with Eastern Electric Avant preamp, Dac, Integrated Amp (amp section used) with Vapor Audio Cirrus two way monitors. This system had a detailed and engaging sound when I visited on Sunday afternoon.





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