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Selah audio

Rick (Selah Audio) brought a pair of bi-amp speakers he named the Gamechanger ($10-12,000). Don Keele of Audio Artistry was also in the room explaining the technology behind the design and also his CBT36 kit ($2,000) that is being offered from Parts Express. I have heard several line array speakers in the past and not been moved by them. This system was spectacular with all types of music I heard on them over the course of both days. These were built as a fully active pair with electronic crossover and eq duties being handled by a DEQX. Multichannel amp and source from Marantz. The dynamics I heard on this system were in another league from most systems I have ever experienced. This system had a jump factor that has to be experienced. I have to agree with the name Rick gave them.
–Nick Goode

Selah Audio The Game Changer


Selah Room

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