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Oasis Audio Gourds

These speakers were made out of gourds.   Very unique and actually sounding good.  The definitely had a unique tone, similar to the nOrh 3.0 drum as I recall.

I didn’t get any pricing but they could also be an interesting Computer speaker with a little ampage.


The main speakers were used with this “sub.”



Readers' comments

    Heh heh 🙂 My kind of speaker. Are they actual gourds?

  • Yep, he had a cut out showing the inside. Didn’t get a pic or hear very well as the room was crowded.
    The gourd definitely had a tone to it, kind of in a good way.

  • We build these in Bear Lake Michigan-real gourds-real good sound! we don’t damp the cab[gourd] letting it radiate the back wave-we avoid cancellation and comb filtering because of the null point at the face plate and angle/phase correction caused by the natural curve of the gourd and freq./angle control provided by same. We also have a line of speakers using the same ”live cabinet” technology but relying on acrylic spheres . you may reach us with questions or orders at or call 231-690-1203. or oasis [organic audio sound integration systems] on face book.

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